Fate-PR Company offers a range of public relations services for the promotion of theatre and other live productions.

Services which are provided as part of our standard package are set out below:

  • Assistance with writing and/or reviewing Press Releases with the structure and clarity reviewers are seeking.
  • Assistance with circulation of Press Releases to online publications for whom we provide direct contributions, other independent reviewers and online publications.
  • Personal attendance by owner and founder, Elaine Chapman, at press nights including management of reviewers e.g. issuing tickets to reviewers. 
  • Advice on suitability of London Pub Theatre venues for productions.  
  • Forwarding of feedback from venues or reviewers.

Our standard package fee is set out in our letter of appointment to you and allows ten hours working time per production (including three hours for the press night).  Any additional time spent will be charged at our hourly rates set out in our letter of appointment.  Travel and other expenses are payable in addition to the standard package fee. 

Additional PR services may be available on request but will be charged for as additions to our standard package fee.  Please contact us to discuss.

All services are provided subject to our terms and conditions which, together with our letter of appointment, form our contract with you.